Pet friendly accommodation in Montagu

Rose Cottage offers pet friendly accommodation in Montagu.

We understand that you want to enjoy your vacation with your well-behaved pet, so that’s why you are welcome to bring them along when you stay at Rose Cottage in Montagu.

  • Our secure property is fully fenced
  • There are no other pets on the property, so you don’t have to worry about any new introductions.

The obvious rules apply:

  • Please ALWAYS check with us before bringing your pet. (i.e. let us know that you are bringing a pet along)
  • no pets to sleep on or in beds (or any of the furniture)
  • no leaving pets on the property unattended
  • max 3 pets are allowed
  • R200 per pet will be charged


Information for guests with pets

There is vet in Montagu (Dr Marina le Roux) in Long Street just around the corner from us (in walking distance) where you can buy food, chew hoofs or anything else you might have forgotten.

Montagu Veterinarian Details below:

Montagu Animal Clinic
Veterinarian – Dr. Marina Le Roux
Tel. 023 614 2938
Address: 1 Rose Street (Long Street), Montagu, 6720, South Africa

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